We warned you! the first committed murder for bitcoins fell into the press! killed in Turkey for bitcoins!




The first murder because of the bitcoins committed in Turkey

The security forces of Turkey detained a group of suspects in the first murder in the country due to the crypto currency. On Monday, September 18, referring to the Turkish information channel NTV, TASS reported.

The victim, according to the channel, was a 22-year-old young man. His body was found three days ago in the car. The investigation believes that after the murder the criminals tried to unlock the mobile phone with their finger and get access to the application for work with bitcoins, but could not.

It is specified that there are four detainees.

Bitcoin is a crypto currency. The concept of the system was published in November 2008. The author is hiding under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, there are several versions of who is behind this name, but none of them is confirmed; perhaps it is a team. In early September, the exchange rate of the digital currency reached a historic high, breaking the mark of five thousand dollars.



Our goal is to protect the owners of bitcoins from all existing threats and new ones looking much more dangerous, such as #murderware and blood hat hackers.

BTCWALL will become not only the most reliable bitcoin storage but also the first commercial wallet for bitcoins. This is the first wallet that will hide the use of bitcoins to protect against #murderware, and the wallet will also have a built-in response center that will analyze and send information to the police if you are tortured or robbed. And in the future will have its own private security company to ensure the safety of the owners of bitcoins. And of course your bitcoins can not be stolen remotely, it only works with the constant use of cold storage, is easy to use and has additional security and anonymity built into it.

To create a service for protecting bitcoins and their owners, the platform will issue 80 million tokens within the ICO (destruction of the unsold balance at the end). 40% of the profits from the created BTCWALL purse and services complementing it will be distributed among all owners of BTCW tokens. BTCW tokens will be supported by the BTCWALL wallet, used for the work of the built-in anonymous exchange in the purse, for payment of premium subscriptions for BTCWALL services and for payment of the services of an international private security company. Every new crime against the owners of bitcoins that got into the press creates a demand for tokens and services of BTCWALL.

The planned profit, depending on the amount of funds raised, ranges from 270,000,000 $ to 1,570,000,000 $ for the first year, or from 7,850% to 13,500%, profits will come from sold wallet licenses, premium subscriptions, services of a private security company , and the built-in anonymous distributed exchange in the wallet.

We plan to raise from $ 2,000,000 to $ 60,000,000 (see the road map for details)

pre-ICO will take place in September 2017, a discount of 70%

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