Torture within 3 hours. Demanding bitcoin. Three strong people. Beat, intimidated, promised to kill.
It all started with the appeal to me of one of the Gopnik people – a man who was briefly acquainted with me, tk. a little over a year ago I made a presentation on my past work in the office ([Suspicious link removed]/PAoJSR). Later, at the end of August, he contacted me and wished to receive information about bitcoon from me. Since this person was familiar to me, I decided that I was not threatened, and had several meetings with him, telling about bitkoyne, about working with purses, about safe storage, and so on.He, his name is Leonid, introduced himself as an intermediary who would like to help his “friends” invest money in bitokoyn. But since all sides feared for their money and did not trust each other, it was necessary for me to confirm my solvency in case of unforeseen situations.On the 4th of September we wrote off and I was invited to come, consult friends of Leonid and, if possible, “prove” my competence with my money, by presenting accounts. I explained that it was impossible. Leonidas still insisted on meeting and invited me to his acquaintances. I had to come and consult people.In the evening, on the 4th of September, at about 8 pm, Leonid met me at Puzataya Hut in Poznyaky and said that they were ready to go to people so that I could tell them everything, showed how bitokoyin works. I was invited to a car parked near the Pyramid shopping center. I explained that I should have dinner and only after I can go to the meeting place. When I finished all the cases, I left the Pyramid shopping center and saw that Leonid and his accomplices (namely, these people would be complicit in the crime) were stopped by the police to check the documents. I approached them and Leonid explained that nothing much was going on, just checking suspicious cars, and policemen were “friends.” All four or five people stood and giggled. There was an impression that they know each other. I realized that I had to go home, but unfortunately I did not suspect anything bad.In the evening, on the 4th of September, about 10 pm, a man named Anton Nepeyevoda wrote to me in a telegram saying that Leonid was leaving to take me and take me to the “investors”. An hour later, Leonid and two others came to my house, that they had been with him earlier at 8 pm near the “Pyramid” shopping center. I sat in the car, having written down the number (Volkswagen or Hyundai, AA622, as it turned out, I did not record the number in full).At 22:53 I arrived at Yaroslaviv Val 13/2-B, to the club “Santa Muerte”.

In the club went to a small room:
Screenshot from the official website

Leonid again asked me if I brought a crypto currency to show to “investors”, but I explained that I do not have anything, and I would not show my money to anyone. I was told that I allegedly “violated the agreement” that I did not bring money to demonstrate that Leonid would look bad in the eyes of “investors.” To which I replied that he explained everything to him in Puzata and Leonid knew this. Leonid and his accomplice came out “to talk with” investors. “They brought a hookah. Everything looked as if everyone had come to the deal.

When they returned, they told me that the “investor” was talking to me, that everyone had to turn off all the phones. All supposedly turned off the phones. However, there was no “investor”, he did not appear. Leonid told me that he is ready to give me money right now without checking that the money must be recounted and conclude a deal. He threw me a bundle of money in a plastic bag, but I refused to take them, thinking that it could be a test purchase of the SBU or the MVD. To which Leonid said that the money is “fake”, and I owe them money. Should “just like that.” To my question, whether this is a stop-stop, Leonid answered: “Yes, gop-stop.”

Leonid said that he will keep me in the institution all night, he will torture, or even kill and bury, but he will pull the money out of me. He said that he has connections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that they are not the first time engaged in such matters. I explained that the excitement is extremely undesirable to me, because I have health problems and at any time because of the excitement there can be a heart attack. Leonid said that he did not care that I would leave the club “Santa Muerte” only after giving money. Or I’ll stay here forever. I replied that I did not have anything, which was followed by a blow to the head. I became very worried, the pulse could have reached 150 beats per minute. I once again explained that I am a “core” that I want to be released, but Leonid answered that when I give money, and he, allegedly, knows that they have I, I can leave.

One of the accomplices at the request of Leonid brought a black package. Seeing the package, I began to seriously beat with excitement. At that moment, I was scared for my health. Leonid began to search me. He discovered “Tresor” – an apparatus for protecting bitkoynov and immediately accused me of lying, saying that I had deceived him without saying that I had brought bitcoins. Leonid began to demand to include “Trezor and transfer all the crypto-currencies that are on the device to his wallets, which was refused.

“Put on a package,” Leonid told the accomplice. I began to resist as best I could, even more excited. They stopped fighting me, seeing my condition. “Calm down!” – demanded one of the accomplices. But I was all pounded. I began to ask to call an ambulance. “Give us your money – we’ll call!” Leonid answered calmly. I realized that I was threatened with death. However, I did not want to give money to the gopnik, since they could still go on the murder and they would hardly believe that I do not have any money.

My terrible physical condition was, perhaps, the cause of some of the fears of the Gopnik. They went out for a while to consult and discuss further actions. Earlier, gopniki took my phone and tried to turn it on. When they realized that the phone is locked, they put it away from me, so I did not have access to it. When I stayed in the room and one of the Gopnik, I chose the right moment and decided to take a risk, trying to reach out to my Samsung phone, which was previously taken away from me by force. Gopnik did not expect to grab his phone from the table. He rushed to take my phone from me, but I still managed to send an alarm signal from the phone to my friends. Two other gopniki rushed into the room and helped the accomplice to pick up my phone.

I was getting worse and worse. Gopnik, seeing my condition, continued to threaten with physical violence and demand money. Someone brought validol, believing that this could improve my condition. However, the pills did not help. After a while, one of the gopnik, perhaps from the staff, found out that the police came to the club. The staff, according to the police, said that the club is closed and there is no one in it, and this was an obvious lie. The policemen left, and the Gopnik continued to demand money, applying physical strength to me (grabbing and shaking, striking my face, striking my feet).

All this time my phone rang. Called friends. But Gopnik did not react, or sent SMS with the text “I’m busy, call back”. Leonid with podelnikom again left the room to try to access the “Trezor”. Returning, he demanded from me a secret key (words) from his wallet, in order to get to the funds in his wallet. But I, again asking to call an ambulance, explained that secret words are in safe places and he can not get to them. Leonid again attacked me and began to use force, arguing that I remember the secret words for memory. Not having achieved the desired, the Gopnik tried to reassure me, so that I stopped shaking and came back to normal.

After two hours my condition did not improve. Gopnik asked me to give them at least 1000 dollars, which were on my phone, and about which I told them earlier. I had a chance to send an “alarm” again from the phone. But at first they decided not to give the phone to me, but to follow my instructions. I said that in order to unlock my phone, you need to quickly press a certain key three times. In fact, it was the signal “SOS”. They began to press the button. But the phone did not unlock, requiring a password from them. I stated that the phone is new and that it can not be rebooted many times, because in this case it is blocked and you need to enter a secret password, which I do not know, but you need to continue pressing the button. They gave the phone to me in the hands, believing that I would do “right”. I continued to send an alarm.

Unfortunately, as it turned out later, the phone did not send photos via MMS, because the money ran out. But the device was able to send coordinates and make photos of Leonid:

The phone makes two photos simultaneously from two cameras. The face of Leonid, like my face, as well as the situation of the club can be seen quite clearly. When Gopnik understood that it was an alarm signal, and not an unlock, they quickly erased fingerprints from all objects and quickly left the club, possibly fearing that the police would come again. I still continued to shake.

When the Gopnik went away, I took my things thrown by the gopniki and got out of the room, asking the staff to call an ambulance. But the representatives of the club did not react. I realized that I would not get any help here and tried to get out of the basement of the club on my own, sending an alarm again:

Going out into the street, I turned to passers-by and explained that they tried to rob me. They called an ambulance, and a little later came the police and my friends. Perhaps the club’s employees are connected with Leonid and his accomplices, they knew what was happening in the club and would try in every possible way to “hush up” the case. I wrote a statement to the police and hired lawyers. Let’s see if I’m right.

Conclusions: keep your own money in different places and preferably in an encrypted form, only come to meetings with someone accompanying you, and also tell your relatives or friends where you are going.

The main gopnik is Leonid (his alleged phone number is 096 765 8470). The other two I do not know, although there is a number of their car (AA622 **).

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