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pre-ICO Already Started, hurry up and invest!
This is the pre-ICO contract address you should send ETH to:


after your make investment, you will get BTCW tokens on your etherium address instantly (after few minutes).

pre-ICO -70% price, starting 25.09.2017
pre-ICO 1 token = price 0.30$ or 1 eth = 459 BTCW token
minimum invest = 0.30$ or 0.0021786492374728 eth
pre-ICO BTCW token supply distribution 1 000 000 (300.0000$ or 2178 eth with disount 70%)


Do not send funds from exchanges. Send the ETH from an Ethereum wallet where you hold the private key. The pre-ICO crowdsale starts on September 25th and ends after 1 000 000 BTCW token distributed. If Gas limit is not automatically calculated in your wallet, we suggest you to it to 250000 (unused gas is returned). We suggest a Gas price of around 10-20 Gwei. The BTCW token will be issued instantly to your ETH wallet. By contributing you agree to purchase BTCW tokens that are functional utility tokens on the BTCWALL platform. You should only send Ether. BTCW tokens are not securities, are non-refundable and aren’t for speculative investment. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made with respect to BTCW tokens, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that BTCW will hold any particular value. We recommend using one of the following Ethereum wallets: MyEtherWallet, Geth, MetaMask and
Ethereum Wallet/Mist. Any other wallet will have to be confirmed by yourself.
Conversion rate:
pre-ICO -70% price, starting 25.09.2017
pre-ICO 1 token = price 0.30$ or 1 eth = 459 BTCW token
minimum invest = 0.30$ or 0.0021786492374728 eth
pre-ICO BTCW token supply distribution 1 000 000 (300.0000$ or 2178 eth with disount 70%)

ICO will start in 30 days after pre-ICO end.
1 BTCW token = 1$ or 270 BTCW token = 1 eth
Total BTCW token supply 80 000 000 (destruction of unsell tokens at the end of ICO)

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Current state:

Our specialists from did a scientific work on how crime will develop in 2017-2018, with detailed results of the study you can read in our whitepaper. According to our data, the line between cyber crime and the usual will be washed away in the near future, since the cost of 1 bitcoin exceeded the psychological mark when even the criminals of the lowest rank start paying close attention to the owners of bitcoins. Extortion of bitcoins for decrypting files will also die out as botnets and other malicious software that has ceased to make a profit, for example, the owners of the WannaCry virus obtained extortion only 60,000 for damage of more than a billion dollars, and the notPetia virus is only $ 7,000. Therefore, in the nearest future mainstream of crime will be selection of bitcoins from their owners by any means including killing in case of refusal to pay. That’s why we decided to create our BTCWALL project because it’s important to take care of our security now before it’s too late.

The problem being solved:

Today, there is no convenient and reliable means for storing bitcoins providing maximum protection for prostate use.

At the same time, there are no any means of protection for the users themselves (primarily the bitcoins) that can be subjected to robbery, torture and extortion under the threat of murder.

To solve these problems, BTCWALL will use the BTCWALL over-protected bitcoin, which not only reliably protects bitcoins with easy-to-use cold storage, but also hides traces of using bitcoins in the system, has a built-in bitcoin mixer and torus, which makes it harder for the crook to track the owners of bitcoins , in the future the purse will have a built-in anonymous exchange on the blockade for the sale and exchange of bitcoins.

In the event that users are subjected to direct robbery, kidnapping or torture, the purse has special additional protection from this (for more details, see the whitepaper). If you are threatened to kill blood hat hackers with the help of killer programs (#murderware) you will be protected by our international private security company, which will quickly react and work on the basis of the blockbuster and take in our tokens BTCW.

The new threats that we discovered will become the mainstream of the criminal world in the near future:

blood hat hackers – a new kind of cyber criminals who for profit are not limited to the usual theft or extortion through the Internet. They work closely with or are part of the usual crime, and are engaged in tracking down bitcoin owners for the purpose of robbing them, torturing or even killing them if they fail to steal your bitcoins via the Internet or if they have the technical skills to do so and they prefer more A simple, quick and reliable way to select your savings.

#murderware – a new kind of programs of extortionists whose appearance was predicted by experts in 2017. Such malicious programs distributed by bloody hackers will search for traces using bitcoins in the system and information about the owner of the computer. In case of detection of bitcoins (if they can not be stolen), they will demand sending some of the funds or all the bitcoins to criminals, otherwise the victim is threatened to be killed through anonymous exchange of murders for not a small percentage of the bitcoins received from the already paid ransom. Similar programs can use blockchain to compile all the owners of bitcoins and also who has already paid the ransom.

Mission of BTCWALL

Our goal is to protect the owners of bitcoins from all existing threats and new ones looking much more dangerous, such as #murderware and blood hat hackers.

BTCWALL will become not only the most reliable bitcoin storage but also the first commercial purse for bitcoins. This is the first purse that will hide the use of bitcoins to protect against #murderware, also the wallet will have a built-in response center that will analyze and send information to the police in case you have been tortured or robbed. And in the future will have its own PPE to ensure the safety of the owners of bitcoins.


  • The first commercial bitcoin purse, overprotected possessing unique promising active and passive means of protection of bitcoins and their owners.
  • Absence of competitors in the new business for the reliable protection of bitcoins and their owners
  • All existing owners crypto currency our potential customers, every new crime against bitcoin owners increases the number of our customers.
  • The planned profit, depending on the amount of funds raised, ranges from $ 270,000,000 to $ 1,570,000,000 for the first year, or from 7,850% to 13,500%
  • We plan to raise from $ 2,000,000 to $ 60,000,000
  • Payment of 40% of profit to all owners of tokens annually.
  • We plan to access all the current exchanges of our token, and we also plan to create our own exchange and services, payment in which is accepted in our tokens BTCWП
  • A professional team that could predict the emergence of new threats and develop protection against them.
  • Favorable pre-ICO and ICO conditions
  • At the pre-ICO stage, you can purchase BTCW tokens at a 70% discount.
  • By investing in our project, you save the lives of crypto currency holders who may suffer without the appearance of our BTCWALL protection system

 What is the role of the BTCW token

To create a service for protecting bitcoins and their owners, the platform will issue 80 million tokens within the ICO (destruction of the unsold balance at the end). 40% of the profits from the created BTCWALL purse and services complementing it will be distributed among all owners of BTCWALL tokens. BTCW tokens will be supported by the BTCWALL wallet, used for the work of the built-in anonymous exchange in the wallet, for payment of premium subscriptions for BTCWALL services and for payment of the services of an international private security company.
Why is it worth investing in BTCWALL?
We are confident in the constant growth of the value of BTCW tokens, while 40% of all profits will be lost to the owners of tokens, the token itself will also grow. The predicted criminal forecast has already partially begun to come true, every new crime against the owners of the bitcoins that got into the press creates a demand for tokens and services of BTCWALL.
We ask you to carefully study our whitepaper and our scientific research on cyber crimes to understand that in the event of the failure of our ICO, you will not need any crypto currency in the future, and if you decide not to invest in BTCWALL, then you are recommended to get rid of all your crypto currency as quickly as possible.





Information about the development team will appear later.


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